#OneMonthGoals: Self Care

Something amazing has happened as I’ve pursued my #OneMonthGoals of using my gym membership at least three times a week for 30-35 minutes each:  I finally understand the value of self care! I’ve been reading about it and asking others about their self care goals, but very rarely giving my own serious consideration.  And to […]

One Man’s Journey to Extend Humanity at the Border: Another Man’s Prayer Answered

By Melody McAllister & Ryan Murphy In early July, Ryan Murphy (known in his circle as Murphy), husband of Kelly, and father of three, put a Facebook shoutout for anyone who wanted to accompany him to the McAllen border for a missions trip to be of service for the migrants being detained there.  All summer […]

Teaching Our Littles About Racism & Intolerance

It’s probably the fear of late fees that usually keeps me from our public library, but lately I realized I needed reinforcement. If our president continues to tweet racist remarks, (yes telling people to go back where they came from is racist) then it’s my responsibility to teach my kids something extremely different. It always […]