Clinging to God in the Transitions

Transitions are awkward times as there seem to be arrows pointing down any and every direction while the mind continuously wonders if going back would be the best path, even while knowing it isn’t possible.  There’s an amount of fear going into the unknown.  I am blessed to have my faith to lean on and do not know how others would do it any other way.

Mr. Ratburn is Welcome in My Home: So Are You

Today, I saw that Arthur’s teacher, Mr. Ratburn, is gay! In fact, he’s marrying a another male-whatever-he-is. Should I boycott and block all PBS shows? You know I love Jesus and I want to be a good Christian!  Seems like when Jesus people can’t fathom someone or something in our country, we must immediately purge […]

Alaskan Adventures Part 1: the Adventures of Reality, Doh!

We haven’t learned how to spray Bear Mace, but we have seen our first moose on the road! We haven’t hiked up a mountain nor seen the Aurora Borealis, but we have driven up part of a mountain and looked out and down on the world above! We haven’t found our new home in Anchorage, […]