Here’s to 2019! I’ve been hoping you’d come and dreading it at the same time.  The passage of time can feel like the enemy is after me when there’s so much to be done and so many challenges along the way.

Here’s to 2019!  New beginnings feel like spring, even during the winter.  Here’s to a fresh start that’s been offered and may I use what I’ve learned from this past year and use it to make this new one better for all I love!

Here’s to 2019!  If I don’t lose all my baby fat, may I grow fonder of myself, anyway.  May I cherish the grays, for I’m still alive to tell about them. May I smile at my laugh lines because the best jokes are the ones shared among friends.

Here’s to 2019! Life might get harder this new year, and Lord, I need your help so I don’t dread what’s coming.  Help me to live in this moment where I have all I need and want, surrounded especially, with the people closest to my heart.

Here’s to 2019!  Patience is hard to come by with little ones running all over the place and a messy house that refuses to stay clean! May You shift my focus so it’s on what truly matters, Heavenly Father, and forgive others like I have been forgiven by You.

Here’s to 2019!  Dreams make life worth living.  Here’s to pursuing them and celebrating them when they come to fruition after the ups and downs that certainly will be along the path.

Here’s to 2019!  I am here. So far from perfect.  Like everyone else, I’ve made mistakes and I’ll make new ones, of this there is 100% certainty.  May I embrace these new lessons without quitting!

Here’s to 2019!  Here’s to 365 new chances of looking a situation and asking myself how I can make it better for someone else?

Here’s to 2019!  The hope and joy felt in the hearts of many, on this new day, comes from a Creator who has given each of us our own unique purpose in life, and part of that responsibility is sharing it with others!  

So here is to the newest year, and I pray, Lord, that I meet with You regularly.  I ask You to open the doors of adventure and to grow my faith so this life, no matter the year, is always lived to its highest calling and deepest purpose:  to love my neighbor as myself and love You with my whole heart, soul, and mind. Amen.

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