What’s faith without action? Why be pro-life if you think only politicians can fight abortion? Why care about an unborn baby if the only thing you can tell its scared, pregnant mom is to keep her legs closed and take responsibility for herself? If we don’t care about the moms, how can we truly say we care about the babies?

Would banning abortions in all fifty states keep abortions from happening? While it would definitely save millions of lives, abortions are a symptom of a greater sin problem.  As long as there are hurting and lost mothers, sexually abused women, men who are not willing to help take responsibility, an unwilling church presence of help in every community, and a clear picture that a future for a woman will not be lost if she chooses life, even then, abortions will still happen.  Even while Christ was walking this earth, abortions were taking place.  Aborting babies is not a modern problem.  The history of abortion is barbaric and a system to keep oppressed people down.  But it is celebrated today as a viable option of a woman taking responsibility of an unwanted pregnancy.  Today the church culture cries out to end abortion, but in its unwillingness to stand beside pre-abortive mothers, the cries are only heard as one more example of a moralistic, evangelical power agenda led by the greatest of hypocrites.

If we, who love God and are bold enough to claim a pro-life stance, are not willing to help the moms who find themselves thinking abortion is their only option, this claim we have is false representation.  

Is it easier to hold a sign screaming “End Abortions” or “Murderer” than to pray with a nervous, overwhelmed mother? Which action is more helpful for the moms?

Is it easier to donate to the political campaigns who use a pro-life platform to draw in votes or give a portion of your wage to a life-affirming pregnancy agency? Which action helps the moms?

Is it easier to clap and applaud the strictest abortion laws from your phone screen or begin the fostering process? Which action helps the moms?

Helping moms helps babies.  It may not end abortion, but it will save countless lives, and more importantly, countless souls.  It will save lives despite legislation and despite the stronghold of sin that permeates our world until Christ comes back.

Being pro-life means welcoming the post-abortive mother because her life matters too.


If we want to end abortion, we must begin with our hearts. Laws can’t legislate these matters. But the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ can always accomplish what is deemed impossible by man.

If you are still reading and desire to know where to begin to help stand with moms who need support to choose life, here’s as few things to get started:

Get involved in a 40 Days for Life Campaign.  It was through two campaigns I personally got involved in that helped me see pre- and post-abortive moms as humans, people to love, and people who need support…not as murderers or monsters.  This organization has helped bankrupt many abortion facilities and help women find a supportive environment to raise their children.

Find a local life-affirming pregnancy center or even a children’s home in your community to donate women, baby, or children’s items or give monetary donations.  They will even show  you how to serve local moms and children if that is in your heart.

Pray.  Pray always that eyes will be opened. Pray that a desperate mom chooses life and a future even though faith in that would be a major miracle in her life. Pray for your own heart that you will be able to love a woman even if you are not able to fathom why abortion could even be considered.  They Holy Spirit can soften our hearts for the work that we are convicted to do to help others.

Forgiveness matters.  Because we believe so strongly in life but have allowed the government, Planned Parenthood, or other agencies to address abortion matters, we have failed to really help women see that life is a more beautiful choice.  We have grown hard in our hearts, complacent, and used only our votes to fight back. But as a Believer in Christ, I know abortion is a spiritual battle that cannot only be fought by  politicians.  God is trying to prepare us for this battle, and if we want to be His warriors for life, we must realize how we have harmed women by our self-righteousness and lack of presence or compassion, before we can win in this war.

Strict abortion laws will save lives temporarily, but the Supreme Court will eventually strike them down as they have already done in the past.  If we want to save babies, let us all help give their moms a fighting chance.



  1. EJ says:

    Well said! We must have compassion for these women, not vilify them. Just as Christ was moved with compassion for us.

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    1. Agreed. Thank you so much for your response and taking time to read my post!

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