Something amazing has happened as I’ve pursued my #OneMonthGoals of using my gym membership at least three times a week for 30-35 minutes each:  I finally understand the value of self care! I’ve been reading about it and asking others about their self care goals, but very rarely giving my own serious consideration.  And to be honest, I think my idea of self care was more along the lines of self-indulgence more than caring for my body.  

First time to go one full hour! Super intense!

But yesterday, as I was pushing myself on the treadmill to go the full hour and get in three miles before my time was up, there was so much happening inside my mind: 

  1.  I was using positive self-talk!  I was cheering myself on, letting me know that I was proud of the work I was putting in.  I let myself know that it was okay to push away the negative talk as it came and just be in this moment.  I was my own cheerleader.
  2. I realized that I NEED this time. Yes, it is a privilege that we have a gym membership.  It’s a privilege that I’m not working full time outside my home and this year I can take time to work on my health because along with our membership, my kids are also busy playing and exercising–away from me! 90 minutes to focus on my health and get fit feels dang good for all of us! 
  3. I am not worried about weighing in.  I have flunked so many diets and began and quit them throughout my life and one thing that discouraged me was getting on the scale. I would not eat before weighing in or I would cancel out anything good when the scale did not reflect what I hoped it would.  These last couple of weeks, I’m focused on transformation. I’ve learned that the change I want in my life comes with putting in hard work and keeping it going. The weight will eventually come off if I commit to being active, but that $%$% scale has no hold on my mentality! 
  4. I enjoy sweating my butt off!  My thoughts are clear and my determination to love my body as it is today is something I’ve struggled to embrace for a very long time.  Even when I’m not at the gym, I’m moving more at home or wherever I am.
Chose this tee because it describes the transformation happening inside and out!

Buying some cute workout clothes, another privilege, has made it more fun, too.  I chose outfits that were comfortable and inspiring, AND my pants also hold my phone so I can enjoy my favorite music uninterrupted. I always give glory to my Father in Heaven for all good things in my life and this is no exception.  Staying accountable to my friend who put this challenge out there, Michael Matera, is also part of my success. As I’ve posted my #OneMonthGoals on Facebook, I’ve enjoyed all the encouragement from my friends! THANK YOU for supporting me! It really does mean a lot. 

I’m a large woman.  Going to the gym has never been easy for me.  I can’t afford weight loss surgery and honestly, I’m afraid if I go that route, I’d still return to old habits that have kept me unhealthy.  It would be incredible if this inspired another person to take action using small steps! 

So along those lines…. What will your #OneMonthGoals be? 

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