Hanging around my house, you might get annoyed with me after hearing THAT SONG for the twentieth time. When a song’s lyrics and sound resonate with me, I just have to learn the words, know its background and artist, see its video, and understand its entire context. I’m a bit much 😉 when good music is on the line.

Born to Fly takes me back to my $198/mo studio apartment on Ashland Avenue. Full blast listening & singing, owning my destiny. Knowing there were great things in store for me & I was almost ready to take off.

I remember hearing Sara Evans’ “Born To Fly” 20 years ago and making it my anthem. Right up there with “Wide Open Spaces.”

And I did.

And the greatest adventures weren’t anything I could dream up! I had no idea how life would go, but I knew great things were ahead. I was right.

So I heard this song and had to download it and play it on repeat, full blast. Road trips, laughter, and even memories of youthful fear flooded my mind.

20 years later, and this song is still my anthem. So many adventures await for 2020 and it’s exciting. But I know that getting to these next few places depends on the relationships in my life and the value in learning along the way, being present, and most importantly, grateful. 💙

I’m not too old to fly & neither are you! #CHANGE 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


  1. gregoryjoel says:

    I’m so pleased to hear an educator say “Born To Fly” is an anthem. I can’t help but believe that the energy and aspirations are passed through to our young people, challenging them to believe in dreams!


    1. Oh my goodness! I sure hope so! Thank you for reading!! Happy New Year!


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