Today has been my favorite homeschool day so far. We used @Flocabulary @nearpod @YouTube to learn more about voting, elections, and the electoral college.

Tonight, we are going to follow the blue and red to put it all together. My kids know that it’s their right and privilege to vote when they turn 18. They know that even if they decide to vote for someone different than me, I will still love and support them, even though it’s natural to feel disappointed when we feel strongly about different platforms.

They know it’s okay to change their party and vote for whom they believe is the best candidate according to their own values.

They know that voting to take away others’ choice is always wrong, even if it’s different from the choices we would make ourselves.

They know the truth about our history and voting suppression, which is real and still alive today! It just looks more legal and acceptable for some in power.

Did you know that it’s legal for astronauts to vote for President from space, but American citizens in Puerto Rico, Guam, and other US terrotories do not and have never beeng granted that right by our US Constitution?

They know these vocabulary words: platform, debate, ballot, running mate, swing states, Republican, Democrat, Independent, register, rights, civic responsibility, and representative democracy.

I am raising my kids to think for themselves, even if it’s different than my thinking. Truthfully, I expect them to be much wiser than I ever was. I wish so much that my own family had valued free thinking and that it didn’t take me 40 years to understand how propaganda and the religious right controlled me with fear. And that I allowed them to because seeking truth took work.


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