This year has been a doozy as in the pandemic, but as a social media support and blogger, I have really grown and it feels incredible. I haven’t blogged on my site much lately, but I have been regularly blogging for I appreciate Alice’s support for educators and letting guest bloggers share their creations on her platform!

If you are interested in reading my blogs from her site, take a look:

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Coding To Kindness with Author Valerie Sousa

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The Intentional KCPS Digital Learning Team @kcpsdlt

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Google Classroom Start for Beginners: a playlist that needs to be shared!

You Are Invited to our Teacher Tech FB Community!

SEL Story Connection & Virtual Author Read Aloud with @MjmcalliWrites

I know I have written a few more, but you can see I’ve been blogging more than ever! If you can guest blog for someone with a large platform, jump at the opportunity.

Here are a few blogging tips I’ve learned along the way:

  1. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE: Consistency helps builds your audience.
  2. SEEK Feedback from others who will critically look at your writing. Don’t shy away from feedback, it is the KEY to help you grow in your writing.
  3. SHARE what you are doing without fear. There are others out there who will learn from your work!
  4. REVISE REVISE REVISE and then publish.
  5. Edit others’ writing and you are supporting them and growing in your own writing skills.
  6. Blog posts don’t have to be long. No one has a ton of time, even during a pandemic. 300-400 words and a couple of headings for organization is the sweet spot for many busy readers. Watch the size of your graphics because really large pictures take a while to load when readers go to your post.

Thank you for reading and supporting my work. I’m so excited that I will feature my first guest blog on here soon!!

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