Rachelle & Mel in THRIVEinEDU

Join Us Every Mon & Fri!

Every Monday and Friday, I go LIVE with my friend and colleague, Rachelle Dene Poth. We started going LIVE in the Facebook Community she created inspired by her beautiful book with the same name: Unconventional: Ways to Thrive in EDU.  We began going live during late summer and have since featured many educators. Those who are in this community with us are amazing as it’s a place where you can share what you are doing and creating in education: blogs, YouTubes, Flipgrids, conference opportunities, books, etc. But going LIVE twice a week has been so much fun and kept me inspired by all the amazing things educators are doing all over the country and world. 

Amanda Fox: Markertown

Today we talked to the wonderful educator, author, illustrator, and entrepreneur Amanda Fox. She just released a Kickstarter campaign to help publish her newest book, Markertown. I can’t wait for this book to be released and read it to my own children. It’s a story that is beautifully illustrated with a message that can help lead to conversations about self-worth, kindness, and how our own abilities create beauty in our surroundings. It is an inclusive children’s book that parents and educators can add to their libraries and know it will spark positive change for the readers who step into this colorful world! 

An Illustration from Amanda Fox’s new book, Markertown!

Are you an educator who needs a supportive community to THRIVE? Join us! We’d love to have you and we have many new guests coming that you will be sure to inspire!

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