Watch for a Bilingual Read Aloud with Nicole Biscotti, M. Ed. There are also discussion questions that follow.

It might seem silly to some that I got excited about the #ImSorryStory Book Birthday, but for me, it was celebrating a dream come true! The pandemic threw a wrench in my plans on introducing my book into the world, at least the way I saw it would be introduced with book signings in my community and schools, but technology has allowed me to share it with children all over the world. It was also special for my close friends, Dr. Joy and Mandy Froehlich, to stop by and share about why they think my book is so cool! So today, I am more than grateful!

My selfie to celebrate both stories today! It’s been an incredible year!

Another dream come true was my friend and colleague, Nicole Biscotti, translated my story into Spanish! Reading it today with her was so special and we hope even more people feel invited to be part of this story and begin conversations of healing! We’d both love to do more of these readings together, so please reach out if you are an educator or homeschool co-op member and we will get it going!

It has been such a joy to share the #ImSorryStory with classes, globally, and I would love to continue sharing my story into this new year, as well. 

What are you excited about? What milestones are you celebrating? In this current time, and as we move out of it, it’s these moments of joy that continue to fuel us to continue on our path.  Thank you for supporting me this past year!

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