Feeling more confident in my own skin helps me make myself and my needs a priority, especially when flying out of my comfort zone.

Traveling can be hard on any body, but on a plus-size body, it can be even more challenging. So I pack for comfort and confidence.

Packing with Comfort & Confidence in Mind

Here are some things I do that make it more comfortable:

Upgrade my seating for more leg room, I am worth the investment. 

If an extender seatbelt is necessary, I ask right when I step on the plane. The attendants are very discreet and understanding. Pick seating before flight. Knowing what to expect always brings comfort. 

Here are some things I do that ensure I feel confident:

I only pack clothes that help me feel more confident and comfortable. We all have those outfits that are adorable but need extra under garments. If I choose to do this, I try to keep it at one. When I’ve taken more than one of these “extra” outfits I usually regret it. Otherwise, I pack what I know requires less squishing of any body parts. 

When packing new outfits that might show off more skin, I wear them a couple of times before a trip so I know how it feels to wear them and take note of my comfort level. When I wear it on my trip, I feel more at ease. It also helps me to realize when a particular outfit is fine where I live but not necessarily for me if I’m away from home. I abhor chafing! I like to know if I need to prepare for chafing and wearing new outfits before I go away helps me plan for that. 

Jewelry & Shoes Think “Lite”

I love jewelry and I used to pack too much. Jewelry can definitely weigh your luggage down. Now, I only take the jewelry that I coordinate with my outfits. 

Shoes that are uncomfortable, no matter how cute, do not fly with me. Shoes can make or break a trip. If they can’t stay on my feet for the duration of my job or outing, they do not go with me. This is always a painful lesson. At 41, I have decided no matter how cute a pair of shoes may be, it is never worth breaking this rule. I keep shoes to a minimum of three pairs. 

Travel Days

For days that I will be flying, I wear cute, lounging pants. NO jeans! Leggings with an oversized top or dress also feel comfortable. During the winter, I layer with a sweater and pack a travel blanket in my carry-on. My shoes are slip-ons and require no tying. 

Regardless of body-type, having a lounge pass for your main airline is worth the investment and usually helps lay-overs feel more enjoyable. I also carry a small backpack with sturdy and comfortable straps instead of a purse for my carry-on. 

What do you do to make flying more comfortable? 

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