Watch my bookchat with guest author Andrea Bitner!

Have you ever thought about what it’s like for immigrants to come to our nation? What the journey is like? What their feelings are when they first step foot on our land, in our schools, in our communities?

I wept reading this fantastic book, Take Me Home. Andrea Bitner dives right into eleven stories of former students and how they came to the United States of America. Together they faced tragedy and success.

It’s a short but powerful read.

Something that Andrea said in our chat is still in my mind. She shared that everyone, regardless of the language they speak, or their orgin, are hoping for three things: respect, acceptance, and admiration.

In today’s world, could you imagine how our society would be if we could repect each other’s differences, accept each other for who we are without trying to force our beliefs on them, and lastly, if we could find one thing about another that is worth admiration?

Her words are encouraging and her message is powerful.

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