If you are feeling blue, you are in good company. Sometimes it seems like everyone around us has the holiday cheer that we are lacking.

This might be your first holiday without a loved one, or the anniversary of a tragic event.

You may find yourself in financial struggles right now.

There are so many things that could be bogging you down right now.

Unfortunately, holidays can amplify grief & anxiety, making it feel worse when we see others doing so much that we just can’t get ourselves interested in.

If these words resonate, I’m sending light and love in your direction. I pray, as a I write this, that you will feel connection with someone in your community who will hold space with you.

I pray that you will truly see those around you who feel similar and offer the compassion and love they so desperately need during this season of life.

And I hope that you find light and some hope through this season as well.

Mel 💜

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