It’s probably the fear of late fees that usually keeps me from our public library, but lately I realized I needed reinforcement. If our president continues to tweet racist remarks, (yes telling people to go back where they came from is racist) then it’s my responsibility to teach my kids something extremely different. It always has been, but it’s glaringly obvious we don’t have any time to waste! I thought I was doing alright with my two oldest children, but I knew it was time to get my youngest involved, too.

So today we read:

Everyone was involved, my ten year old down to my 1 year old. He was very annoying and interrupted a lot, but we didn’t quit. My four and six year olds learned the words prejudice, racism, and intolerance. My eight and ten year olds had good discussion with their knowledge of people and we talked about their friends who look different than us. We also talked about our faith choices and how it never allows us to force our choices on others. We all brainstormed a way we could celebrate other cultures and religions and share what we learn with our friends! We are excited for what will come as we continue to learn and read more.

For personal/family reasons we are homeschooling this year. I was honest with my kiddos that we have to purposely look for others who are different than us to befriend. I know that sounds weird to others, but because they come from a background of having a diverse group of friends, they understood the importance. The book we read today encouraged us to find commonality with new friends and look for opportunities, if they invite us, to share in their differences and then invite them to share in ours.

With my littles, the message of acceptance seems so simple. Could it be this simple in real life, too? Are we the ones who have allowed our prejudice to make it so difficult? I think we all know the answer to that question.

However, with purpose, I pray my children will see life without the intolerance handed down to so many of us.

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