My BookChat with Dr. Henry Turner & Kathy Lopes, LICSW

Change The Narrative Book

Recently, Dr. Henry Turner and Kathy Lopes, LICSW joined me to talk about their book, Change the Narrative: How to Foster an Antiracist Culture in Your School.

This might not be a comfortable conversation for many listening. But I encourage you to do just that and reflect on the ideas we share. If you are new to the journey of antiracism or you’ve been on this path for years, Change The Narrative is a book you will want to read.

Both authors share their lived and professional experiences. They have successfully helped their school community be more inclusive, honor diversity, and challenge white supremacy and those who still fight to keep it centralized.

This conversation and their words are important if you want to know how to honor student voice and leadership. The first parat of the book begins with the personal journey and then provides a framework for staff education in antiracism.

3 Important Takeaways

There were three ideas that really stuck with me about our conversation.

  1. Dr. Turner shared, “Antiracism is a lifelong journey.” We don’t get a medal for it, either. We are not better than others for doing this work. We do it with fidelity so everyone feels welcome, included, and represented. We stay the course because it’s a mission that never leaves us.
  2. Start small and protect your joy. Antiracist cultures don’t form overnight. Do your best daily and go to sleep in peace. Ms. Lopes shared how she protects her joy by talking and sharing with those in her inner circle whom she never has to explain herself to. People who are vested in this work as well.
  3. Student Leaders will absolutely change the narrative. There are so many students in our schools who have never felt seen. They’ve endured racism and no one seems to care. Create opportunities for students to share. Believe them. Empathize. Plan safe protests with them. We will be amazed at what they will achieve.

Read More

Here are a few posts I’ve shared about my personal journey to become more antiracist in my role as a human, parent, and educator. I share this journey in hopes it gives you an honest perspective from a white person who felt above racism to one who finally looked in the mirror at the truth and decided to change. It’s going to take all of us, as many who are willing, to change this narrative.

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