I’m so excited!! Tonight I did something I’ve been thinking and talking about for months! I finally used our gym membership for more than just sitting in the hot tub while my kids swam and for tanning. My goal this month is to use my gym membership for three 35- minute sessions a week. So, I got on a treadmill, walked a mile and then my husband, Mac, helped me on the different weight machines. Took about 45 minutes.

I walked one mile in less than 20 minutes! Wahoo!

I probably wouldn’t have started today but I saw a post from my Facebook friend, Michael Matera, asking anyone who wanted to join him with his own #onemonthgoal on August 1st. His is to run a mile everyday until he’s ran 27 miles in a month. And he admits he is not a runner. When I saw his Facebook request, at first I felt super shy about posting my own goal. It seemed kind of pathetic when I thought of it from other people’s perspectives. But you know what? That is just my negative self-talk. I’m going to be 40 in a year and a half, and starting now will get me to where I want to be health-wise in the future.

So today, I made sure my legs were shaved. Made sure I had my ankle socks and tennis shoes ready. Put my KC Royals tee on. The most important piece was making a new playlist that would inspire me. I was all set. My husband came home from work, we gathered the kids, and we went to the gym. Our membership plan allows for babysitting while I work out, so there was nothing holding me back. Mac being there with me was the emotional support I needed to step onto that treadmill and realize that no one was noticing or judging me. If I would just stop judging me, then I’d be all set. Turning my songs up as loud as I could, I tuned the world out and got to it. AND I FEEL SO GOOD! It wasn’t pretty, and it was nothing brag-worthy, but dang, I did it. I started.

Note to self: buy shorts that don’t ride when walking quickly, get more light-weight ankle socks, and throw this underwear away because it is all over the place. It might seem silly, but knocking out all my excuses to not work out is something I have to be aware of to keep going.

My girls playing while I did my thing!

I’m going to be posting my #onemonthgoal to stay accountable and who knows, maybe someone will be inspired to get up and go, too. I don’t care about being a size 6 and I’m not the type to turn cauliflower into mashed potatoes, but being proactive about my health is more than just about how I look. It’s about doing all I can to live as long as possible for my kids. It’s about preventing diseases that could be fatal, and it’s about making myself a priority. Knowing my arms will be less jangly will be a beautiful thing, too. It’s ultimately about showing myself that I can do this. One month at a time. You can do this, too. So join us!

What is your #OneMonthGoal?

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