S’more Math & Science, Please!

For the love of learning, make the everyday moments count with your children. They’ll remember your conversations more than boring curriculum!


Wherever you find yourself today, your role as Mother is honored.

It’s Ok To Have A Bad Day

It’s okay to have a bad day. It doesn’t mean your faith is weak or you are ungrateful for all you have. It means, you are human and need support.

Letting Go Of Control

When I began teaching in the early 2000s, to earn high marks on my teacher evaluation, I needed to show that I was the boss and first in command in my classroom.  One of my principals in those early years compared me to a teammate, who taught in a way completely different than I did.Continue reading “Letting Go Of Control”

Prayer for Today

Heavenly Father,Thank You for seeing us through another day. We come before You with humble hearts. We lift up all the doctors, nurses, and all people working in healthcare and their protection. We lift up their families. We pray they will be reunited soon. We pray for Your supernatural wisdom and strength to guide themContinue reading “Prayer for Today”

Born To Fly

Hanging around my house, you might get annoyed with me after hearing THAT SONG for the twentieth time. When a song’s lyrics and sound resonate with me, I just have to learn the words, know its background and artist, see its video, and understand its entire context. I’m a bit much 😉 when good musicContinue reading “Born To Fly”