Recent Guest Blogs

This year has been a doozy as in the pandemic, but as a social media support and blogger, I have really grown and it feels incredible. I haven’t blogged on my site much lately, but I have been regularly blogging for I appreciate Alice’s support for educators and letting guest bloggers share their creationsContinue reading “Recent Guest Blogs”


They know that voting to take away others’ choice is always wrong, even if it’s different from the choices we would make ourselves.

Community Builder

I want to be known for advocating for community. In functioning community, people can learn, thrive, and be seen. They see their voice matters. They bring others up with them. They grow through challenges. They apologize and seek forgiveness for wrongdoing. They see past labels and learn beyond the superficial. That’s what I want myContinue reading “Community Builder”


I will be taking some time to guest blog on other amazing people’s blogs for the next couple of weeks. Here is the latest about my friend, and author, Alexes Terry and her new book, Real Love:Strategies for Reaching Students Who See No Way Out.