Just Breathe

A mircoblog reflection to stop and breathe when feelings of overwhelm threaten to steal peace of mind.

Learning From [my] Example

Every, new day we have the choice to grow and do better. I pray my core beliefs of loving others without agenda and standing up for what is right is something my children are learning from me the most, but I know I can’t hide my flaws from them. They see it all… my attitudes and words are just as much a part of their thinking/learning as they grow, learn, and decide to be who they would like to be. ⠀

Presence Over Perfection

Covid has drastically slowed us down and we are on the mend, but it’s also taught me a few things: 1. I’m strong enough to let go of things that don’t fulfill me. Being busy doesn’t sustain me nor help my family. It definitely doesn’t help the healing process. 2. Simplifying my life has allowedContinue reading “Presence Over Perfection”

Veterans Day BookChat

My last bookchat of the year 2021 is with Educator and Author, Barbara Gruener, and her children’s book, Mr. Quigley’s Keys. This blog has been updated and contains the YouTube link to our special chat and read aloud.

Act Less White

Destructive Language Hurts ALL of Us If the “Act less white” headline from a Coca-Cola diversity training is leaving you feeling defensive, it should. You can’t control your skin color. You were born the color you are in. And honestly, the diversity trainings I’ve been part of as a participant and presenter have never madeContinue reading “Act Less White”

Momma’s Got a New Playlist

This is not a “Before Shot.” This is me feeling fantastic and loving me just as I am today. A fatter me to compare myself to isn’t going to make me more proud in a month’s or year’s time.